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Sy'Lin Silverblade

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Sy'Lin Silverblade

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:49 am    Post subject: Sy'Lin Silverblade  Reply with quote

The half elf tucked a strand of her yellow hair behind her ear. The living entities within the sword held captive within the gaze of her blue eyes. Or was it she that was the captive?

"Ssstop being sso nosssey" snarled the sarnak merchant as his clawed hand snatched the weapon from her grasp, quickly wrapping it. "Sssoft skinss getss themsselvess killed when they getss too nossey." He shoved the half elf out the door. "Jusst deliver the messssage. The sooner I getss rid of thisss ssword the better."

She muttered a few profanities under her breath as the door closed behind her. But soon she was wending her way through Gorowyn with a spring in her step. She was getting paid well for such an easy task. She slowed as she reached her destination. It was not hard to spot him. The teir'dal was exactly as described and sitting exactly where he was supposed to be. Swallowing the hate that always roiled inside her at the sight of their kind, she casually approached, handed over the sealed parchement and left before the urge to kill him got the better of her.

She paused at the docks on the way back to watch as the crew of a ship bustled about preparing for departure. A sigh escaped as a saddness crept over her. Ursulan would be on that ship and it was most likely she would not see him again. Though the sarnak here professed neutrality in the war between the two human cities, it was evident that the Overlord had gained preference here. It was not uncommon to witness open attacks right there on the docks. She had seen many Qeynosians and their allies slain by the agents of Freeport while the sarnak stood by and did nothing. And so, by order of Queen Antonia, her representatives to Gorowyn were to return home. Her lips pursed, she steeled herself against the feelings welling up inside her and she continued on her way.

"Watch where you're going!" the human shoved her aside as he and his unsavory group of cohorts passed."  Catching her balance she turned. Lucanites! She held herself in check. They were not the sort to triffle with and she had a sizeable reward to collect.

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