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The Story So Far.....

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:29 pm    Post subject: The Story So Far.....  Reply with quote

In the beginning was The Founder, Cypris - a being with a Vision for a path to make Norrath a better place.

To try and ensure the Vision became reality, he founded The Council of Norrath. As the name suggests, the organisation transcended the political boundaries of Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, Neriak and Gorowyn - it owed allegiance to none but itself. It was based on a Vision which could be shared in understanding by few, but its promise was understood by the many who gathered to join the Council. This was as well for the Founder himself soon vanished from Norrath and his whereabouts have remained a mystery.

The few he left who had actually grasped the meaning of his Vision were to become the High Council - those select disciples of The Founder worthy of leading the army that would strive to build that Vision into reality. Amongst these leading disciples were iksar siblings, Siirasze and Sathyris, offspring of the House of Sathir itself. Had any but known then, these two already carried into the heart of the Council the seeds of its destruction.

For a long time the Council grew and flourished - it attracted some superb officers into its ranks - Captains such as Ghauste, Khadine, Shaday, Melyon, Kraasht, Celesta, Verace and Raviro.

It attracted great thinkers to the library founded and built up by the Council's own Loremaster Gezrn, where all the knowledge of Norrath was to be found. It fostered scholarship and experimentation such as that undertaken by researchers such as Lt. Dathnic, Tizzack and the necromancer Sefyra.

It had a superb esprit de corps,both within each of the four military Units and fostered by the regular social events diary, of excellent recreational activities organised by the Social Secretary Maklyr.

Every month the entire council would gather to formally recognize the achievements of its finest - and the Unit which had best worked for the furtherment of the Vision in the eyes of the High Council, was awarded the coveted Platinum Axe.

There was always competition between the Units - each striving to be the best in the eyes of the High Council - to be the best in the eyes of their peers - to be the best at fulfilling the Vision of the Founder.

But slowly things happened which befouled that healthy competition into deeper, darker and lethal animosities. The unsolved murder of Captain Khadine, mourned with angry grief by her Unit, the Hellions, was but the start of an inevitable chain reaction which would one day blow the Council apart.

The discovery of the existence of an item of immense power was the fuel for that slow-burning fuse. Whilst, in theory, united in their search for the item to ensure it would be used only to the benefit of the Vision - in practice many sought it for their own ends.

This might not have been enough to destroy the Council, had the two Iksar siblings on the High Council not craved it each to themselves and ripped the Council apart at the very highest of levels. At the same time contact with the Void was corrupting others such as Lt. Dathnic and Lt. Ssrashran. Murders followed - Lt. Fayberry - whose romantic exploits had already caused trouble - was killed in the Guild Hall itself. Her death spiralled into others and the power struggle around the eventual discovery of the Orb of Power resulted in the murder of High Councilman Siirasze.

For a time it seemed as if the Council would somehow survive - but it was not to be. There was a Great War between the political factions of Norrath and individuals within the Council found their personal histories catching up with them. Many were drawn into the maelstrom and when the dust settled the Council was in ruins.

Perhaps had any of the leaders remained it might have been different, but High Councilwoman Sathyris was killed in mysterious circumstances and the other leaders vanished. A new High Councillor, Lyonessa, sent by a dream from the Founder, tried to collect the shambles and reorganise - but it was too late and when she locked the doors of the Hall and left to seek her Kerran roots in Odus, there was nothing left behind.....

By Order of The Council of Norrath.
Fight and Serve!
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